This is the story about 3 friends and a comon interest in style and quality.

Adrian Roos started out already at a very young age coming from a family business in the textile industry he at early age started to sew bespoke jeans in the suburb Rosengård of Malmö. Raw denim (bespoke) was his signature.

Jama Warsame and Ernesto Prosperi both come from two different backgrounds. Jama has worked in the textile industry all his live. He practically grew up in it. Ernesto Prosperi on the other hand was a marketing man. Jama and Ernesto all ready where making leather goods when they started a conversation with Adrian.

All three of them had found a common interest they where tired of fast fashion and mass production and wanted to do it better. Focus on traditional craftsmanship and create a brand that focuses on high quality clothing and the pursuit of garments and ideas that are made to last.

Clothes made by hand with unique design and the best materials available. Sustainable both in style and in quality. They wanted to make this their manner. They created their own studio in their hometown Malmö and so MANÉR was born.